Computer Names

birthdate name first os first home explanation decommissioned
1994 playdoh MacOS 7 Great Barrington, MA Parody of Plato, main Simon's Rock server. 1995
1997 solace WinNT 4 Amherst, MA primary home machine 1999
1997 eco Linux Cambridge, MA After the semiotician. Main web/mail server of the domain. 1999
1999 neko Linux Plainsboro, NJ A play on eco, but also japanese for 'cat'. An AMD box used for development work. Caught on fire when CPU fan failed. 2000
1999 miso Win2K Plainsboro, NJ The machine itself was the color of miso soup, also the name of a friend's cat, who happend to be miso-soup colored. Primary home machine. 2003 (but see _echo_)
2001 siam Win2K Piscataway, NJ Shares three letters with previous name, also vaguely in keeping with asian naming scheme. Short-lived; bargain-box built from parts, failed within months. 2001
2002 maki MacOS X 10.0 Piscataway, NJ A Japanese food, and a play on iMac. Primary home machine. Sold to Seth's wife Kirsty. 2008
2002 eco Linux St. Louis, MO finally had a dedicated server again, so it was fitting to call it eco again. 2004
2003 udon WinXP Philadelphia, PA miso's replacement. Daniel's primary home computer. Sold to Aaron. 2008
2004 neko Linux St. Louis, MO eco replaced with a Plesk-based system. The name neko recycled from the machine that failed before. This turns out to be a bad idea; the name neko is apparently cursed. After only a year of service **neko** was successfully penetrated by some nasty script-kiddies, and rather than deal with the damage, we closed up shop and moved all our domains to Dreamhost. 2005
2004 overlook Linux Endicott, NY primary backup server for eco/neko; performs full backup every day via rsync. is actually **miso** in disguise! 2005
2004 echo Linux Philadelphia, PA secondary backup server for eco/neko; performs full backup every day via rsync. Also media server for Daniel's apartment. 2005
2005 bento MacOS X 10.4 Philadelphia, PA A Mac Mini. Emphasizing the Mini's small size. 2007
2007 vista MacOS X 10.4 Narberth, PA Bento's replacement, an iMac. 2011
2011 lumen MacOS X 10.6 Bryn Mawr, PA Vista's replacement, a MacBook Air. 2014
2013 lumen MacOS X 10.8 Brookline, MA New MacBook Air. ?
2014 pico MacOS X 10.9 Arlington, MA New MacBook Pro (Retina). 2020
2020 atto MacOS X 10.15 Arlington, MA Pico's replacement, a MacBook Air. 2023
2021 dromedary MacOS X 12 Arlington, MA M1 iMac
2023 zepto MacOS 14 Arlington, MA M2 MacBook Air