Communicating with a KRUSH Flip Clock dot matrix display

If you've bought a KRUSH Flip Clock dot matrix display, and you want to display your own arbitrary data on it, here's the information you need:

Connect a serial cable through a rs485 adapter to the blue and white wires.
Connect at 57600.

The clock is composed of two chunks: the top 28x7 and the bottom 28x7. Call these 0 and 1. Each column of 7 displays a byte in binary.

To write a chunk, send 0x80 0x83 (0 or 1, for chunk id) (send all 28 bytes) 0x8F
for a total of 32 bytes per chunk.

Thus the following fragment:

def send_picture(self, chunk, data):
    assert chunk in [0, 1]
    assert len(data) == 28
    l_bytes = [0x80, 0x83, chunk] + data + [0x8F]
    packed = struct.pack('32B', *l_bytes)

(Where sp is a serial connection to the device.)

Here's a web server for it (among other utilities for it I wrote).

I hope this helps someone!