at least it didn't say SQUEAK

I fed all of Discworld into a neural network, and got this back:

‘I’m going to stop a few sizes of Great Wizard on day, sir,’ said a voice behind Arthur, and this time he was worse for this about the sky. ‘It’s not, sir, yesterday I’m . . . a detail, on your face, wheezing off the barn. Low huge times. I was going to get for him, so this pig is a bit making me caring out as, and the common dancing slightly are a man. I don’t know.’

‘How do we see the gods?’ said Rincewind, who knew about that dog. He continued to Lancre. ‘I know the Funnied Summer One, Sir.’ Vimes sighed. ‘Ah, there were a lot of little stalls penny to me. Long stars thinking!’ Vimes cleared his throat.

‘Nanny, people are flying and even the girl who spent dwarfs, man,’ he added. ‘Pick through Captain Vimes’s instincts. The Dean has something vampires don’t seen Detritus in which was the other four. We want to personally know when he made the generals for Twoflower, who was only coming in to large.’

‘Miss Nitt,’ he said. ‘I never have been walking along the hall. Miss Nitt can get the idea about shapes, there’s some sort of lands and water an’ pointy father in that dark and a certainty of me… , yes, I am felt so sword and officer, you know, and I’d like to come back. The right its yet stupid common candle.'

Is this far the ground?' said the day Assassins. “Don’t take it. The last later and ram bore a large figure descendance around to my corpse. go-foot wrong and grows.

The encouragement rose. Mr Groat did not even know the direction of the motion. Oh, yes. Some the noise of the Patrician’s nose didn’t believe in. ‘But a captain of the Horde were casting a start,’ said Moist, and then, all right, badly carefully moving. ‘While I want the first thing you know how to ask you to decide that we could get up on the station,’ he said. ‘That’s true! They will deducit you,’ said Moist. ‘Look, really. Sweet water. Bory horses, was there all lordship. Wonderful, reflective fingers, will you? I father, ye gods are the worse!'

– Zombie Pratchett