20 Questions

Best game of 20Q ever:

  1.   Is it classified as? **Animal**
  2.   Does it have claws? **Rarely**
  3.   Is it eaten by people? **Sometimes**
  4.   Is it a type of fish? **No**
  5.   Is it hazardous to your health? **Probably**
  6.   Does it have teeth? **Yes**
  7.   Does it have a long tail? **No**
  8.   Can you hold it? **Yes**
  9.   Does it have four legs? **No**
  10.  Can it be used more than once? **Yes**
  11.  Does it live in groups? **Yes**
  12.  Does it lift the spirits? **Yes**
  13.  Can you obtain information by using it? **Sometimes**
  14.  Can it bind objects? **Sometimes**
  15.  Is it a carnivore? **Probably**
  16.  Does it provide protection? **Usually**
  17.  Would you use it daily? **Doubtful**
  18.  Do you clean it regularly? **Yes**
  19.  Do you use it at night? **Yes**
  20.  I guess that it is a human being? **Close**
  21.  Is it commonly used? **Doubtful**
  22.  Is it helpful in the learning process? **Maybe**
  23.  Is it something you bring along? **Maybe**
  24.  Is it smooth? **Probably**
  25.  Is it taught in school? **Irrelevant**
  26.  Does it need love? **Doubtful**
  27.  Can it discharge waste? **Yes**
  28.  I guess that it is a prostitute? **_Yes_**