gir will also write the constitution.

#mefi decided to take over the US government a while back.

nick assignment
abe Department of Housing and Urban Development
azazello NIH
cortex Department of Energy
dmd NSF, FAA
doublehappy Department of Justice
douglbutt White House Press Secretary
duckstab Department of Transportation
esch Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff, DoD
GIR State Department
godbert FAA
hei NOAA
jessamyn Library of Congress
jimbob Agriculture, Dept of Interior, USGS
josiah Defense
juffo-wup FCC
Krrrlson DARPA
lindsay Education, Health and Human Services
lysol CDC, FDA
mach5 Drug Czar (ONDCP)
necKro FEMA
p_g_p Federal Reserve
pyna NSA, National Park Service
shake janitor at the National Museum of the American Indian
sloth National Weather Service
vee Health and Human Services (veecare)