The Nine Billion Scripts of Daniel

I have a theory.

**** I keep on dismantling more and more of the 3edges custom built services I’ve created over the years, in favor of using standardized, well-supported software.

This trend started years ago, when I tore down Horizon, the weblog software I wrote for Beth’s weblog, and rolled out Movable Type instead. Last August, obviously, the big move happened, when I moved 3edges off of the dedicated colo box and onto Dreamhost.

I’ve moved a lot of my custom self-organization things out of self-built perl scripts (some of which I wrote a decade ago, while at Simon’s Rock; they’ve been chugging away in the background, out of crontab, ever since) and into 37signals Backpack… I moved from my handwritten Photoweaver to Gallery, and then to Flickr… and now, qotd has been replaced by a Wordpress install and a plug-in or two.

So the theory is this - as soon as the last bit of my custom-written code is gone, the last piece of code that only I understand …

that’s when i’ll die