frogs and princes

Sarah Weiss: it would be easier with the Myers-Briggs
Sarah Weiss: only 16 types
Placain: it would be even easier on the frog-prince scale
Placain: only two types
Sarah Weiss: frog-prince?
Placain: everyone is either a frog or a prince/princess
Placain: makes for easy categorizing.
Sarah Weiss: i suppose
Sarah Weiss: I’ll take that one, too, if you like
Placain: ok here we go
Placain: What do you like to eat for dinner: flies, or spaghetti
Sarah Weiss: spaghetti
Placain: ok, you’re half done
Placain: Which would you rather be doing: jumping, or sitting?
Sarah Weiss: sitting
Placain: ok, tiebreaker question:
Placain: Ribbet?
Sarah Weiss: ribbet.
Placain: Frog.
Placain: no
Placain: wait
Placain: i miscalculated
Sarah Weiss: it’s not that hard
Placain: ok you’re a princess
Placain: hey now
Placain: this is a very complicated psychological profile
Sarah Weiss: uh huh.
Placain: with lots of maths and calculus and bionomial distributions and stuff!
Placain: not for the uninitiated!