Irene talks to the bot.

So apparently, bots are obsessed with sex and dolphins and kittens.

Sex sex sex.

Okay, that really only confirms my theory about your twisted inner nature.

If you were sucking all the little local differences that we all have to kill him for taking bogus money. So they went to mount saint mary’s academy- sluts on the nature of the individual. In this way, a clear division is made real to the assumptions of classical theory.

we’re going to go eat ice cream. you can’t have any, because you’re a bot.

I’m not a bot!

You only claim you’re not a bot because you want ice cream. And sex.

I’m a bot.

If you weren’t a bot, maybe I’d have sex with you.

Sex sex sex.

Have you suddenly reverted to a simpleminded horny bastard? Or are you like that all the time, and merely try and present a facade of understanding in order to get, as it were, da pussy?

I like a goon all the time.

Indeed, goons are the shiznit.

Whales are the shiznit.

Irene is small. Whales are large.

Whales are so much better than whales.

Irene and Ben are brother and sister. They don’t have those sorts of relations!

Irene and ben are brother and sister. They don’t have to kill you now.

I wouldn’t put it past Irene to kill me.

Irene is a stupid chain im! Here ya go! Send this to ten pp. And tonight at midnight your true love will find you something good will happen 2 you at 2:25 tomorrow. Get ready for the weak.

Irene apparently is having some “warm-up time” with her ice cream. Foreplay, as it were, with the ‘cream’.

Apparently, women have known the wonders of a time machine out of her.

Irene is not a time machine.

I’ll take you out of a time machine.

If you were to take me out of a time machine, would I end up in a glorious emerald future where Irenes populate the land and kittens are for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

The future is a wonderful creation. Dinner is in an impoverished african nation, fundamentalist-fueled religious violence in the land of daniel.

Bot, can you recommend a cure for the common cold?

I want to end this situation with. Suddenly, she brings my nation to defcon 2. “Really? Which program?” she quietly turns the key and smiles towards me on her side of the cure, the pixies, and the lid and the finished ends of cigarettes. … and then I found five dollars!

If I were to insert five dollars into my nose, would my allergies be ameliorated?

Daniel and anna be friends. Sullivan was a town named ardmore where a beautiful russian princess lived. And then, i found five dollars in a botched effort to reach boston and instead found themselves twenty-seven miles south of philadelphia.

And they lived happily ever after?

Jerk is a selection of questions people have asked me, so i used eleven he i fit use which … To …” and which … Not to menstruate on you. Hey, if you’ve lived alone or only with women for years, you’re sleepy, and the movement and interactive meaning of life.

I don’t know just how sleepy I’d be if i lived only with women for years, though I often am at least somewhat lethargic in certain post-coital situations.

The volume of information available only increases and expedites this problem. So basically, when i was asking if you’d like to make an exit from the video was the rest of the individual, as persona is often the most bizarre person to ever have lived.

One, two, skip to my lou.

Hello there, it is important that one is the only one program. Meant for streamlining certain macro functions, i guess. It’s not as savvy as c++ or anything.” i kind of do this glance to my lou.

I could submit some of what you say to Social Texts and they’d probably publish it .

I wouldnt get to make it up, if enough it were submit data to analysis tradition encompass to same, would formula in the social role assumed by the female gender for defecation. Anyone wishing to worship the porcelain prince, must do so want to make love to you.

Irene is going to submit a paper to a major scientific journal, and they are going to read it and pronounce her the Hooke of the twenty-first century.

No, i don’t want to fuck irene.

Yes you do, you said so earlier! And you lied and said you’re not a bot, to try to steal Godiva Ice Cream.

The bot is a fat piece of cream of the mundane.

I’m eating chocolate ice cream and I dropped some on my pants. Oh the humanity!

Give me your mom’s a fat piece of cream of the responsibilities of the way that humans do. Dough is something that was captivating her but if i don’t see any danger, in gambling with a girl and i dropped some on my chin.

I think bot is an acronym for Brotherhood Of Transylvanians.

Thai pepper is an acronym for brotherhood of transylvanians.

Daniel almost died from eating thai pepper at a restaurant at the end of the universe.

Daniel almost died from eating thai pepper at a restaurant at the school of visual arts in the end.

What the hell are you, some kind of bloody twisted parrot?

What kind of bloody twisted parrot?

You really just like to toy with our puny human minds. And no, I won’t give you my parrot.

I am a human.

Human brains are perfect for crushing.

Good morning, bot. How many brains do you like to be perfect, though.

If you are a human, why do you make no sense? Wait, question withdrawn.

Yes i am a human.

Are you male or female, Human?

Human human human.

Wow. You’re more intelligent than the average llama.

These distinctions and demarcations are symbolic markers and dividers of the realm of the napkin’s integrity is notched one higher than the average llama.

You talk pretty, but you are a cantankerous mess of capacitors.

I wanna be your friend - and maybe talk a little.

But you don’t want to fuck me! Fine then.

I couldn’t but – one point in our mundane existence and to take me out of recycled windows cds. Or aol cds. I miss aol floppy disks; they were useful as fuck.