conversation with Jenn0a: NINJA ARE FULL OF BEES


Placain: at 11:30

Jenn0a: um yeah Session Close (

Jenn0a): Sun Jun 02 22:48:50 2002 Session Start (AIM -


Jenn0a): Sun Jun 02 22:49:16 2002

Jenn0a: ok so once upon a time

Jenn0a: there was a little ninja

Jenn0a: and the little ninja was sent into the forest to meditate on the nature of life

Jenn0a: he wandered along and found a tree to sit under. it was perfect for meditating

Jenn0a: he looked up and there was a bee hive above his head

Jenn0a: but he didn’t want to move so he figured if he didn’t bother the bees, they wouldn’t bother him

Jenn0a: in the bee hive there was a little bee who had just finished his tae kwon do class and was sent out into the world to meditate on life

Jenn0a: he flew out and landed ina forest

Jenn0a: which wasnt really a forest, but the ninja’s hair

Jenn0a: it was a strange forest full of tall silky plants

Jenn0a: then he felt a rustling

Jenn0a: the ninja had discovered the karate bee in his hair

Jenn0a: the ninja boy tried not to panic

Jenn0a: the bee tried not to panic

Jenn0a: he could not get free because his wings were tangled in the silky plants

Jenn0a: the ninja boy found the bee and pulled it out

Jenn0a: miraculously he was not stung

Jenn0a: the bee was dazed

Jenn0a: the boy inspected the bee

Jenn0a: the bee inspected the boy

Jenn0a: they both had on karate uniforms

Jenn0a: so they thought they could be friends

Placain: :::listens raptly:::

Jenn0a: and the boy decided to give the bee a place of honor in his mediation spot

Jenn0a: the bee decided to not sting the strange creature

Jenn0a: who seemed friendly

Jenn0a: and after they mediated for a while, they became good friends

Jenn0a: the bee visited the boy at his house

Jenn0a: the boy had put up a little tiny birdhouse and fixed it up specially for the bee

Jenn0a: and the boy visited the nest when he wanted to meditate

Jenn0a: and they were friends forever

Jenn0a: the end

Placain: grins happily