choosing a religion

AddienFaemne: I’m talking to a friend who is converting to Islam.

Placain: I cannot fathom religion.

Placain: It just doesn’t make an inkling of sense to me.

Placain: And converting is even more puzzling - ok, so you believed that one religion was the Truth, and that all other religions were Not The Truth … and now you’re changing your mind? I can understand if you think that MANY religions are true, but to just switch …

Placain: boggle

AddienFaemne: Well. He’s a special case.

Placain: how so?

AddienFaemne: His father is Islamic and his mother is Roman Catholic. Warrant him a little confusion?

AddienFaemne: He was raised with both, so now it’s the pivotal time where he Decides.

Placain: See, in that situation, I would think “hmm. Dad thinks one thing is the only truth, mom thinks something else is the only truth. I don’t think either one is a total idiot. Therefore, there must be something to both of them. However, a fundamental part of each of these religions is the belief that NO OTHER RELIGION IS TRUE. Therefore, how can I justifiably choose either one, and deny the other?”