This ended up in node

This ended up in node heaven, so I preserve it here.


Let’s see…

She’s this girl who’s sitting next to me, pointedly not reading over my shoulder what I’m writing about her. She’s this crazy gelfling wallstarer who won’t stop talking about Japanese.

She’s got quite a self-esteem problem, which is rather ridiculous considering how I worship the ground she walks on. She reads. And reads. And reads more. Sometimes she sleeps.

She keeps me warm at night. I adore her.

In response to getzburg’s writeup:

She seems to make a hobby of unexplained severances. What she did to getzburg last September (when she met me), she in March 2001 did to me (when she met her current beau).

Consider the effect a few scant days of her company nearly a year past has had on getzburg; imagine the effect on me, who lived with her for four months, breathing her air twenty hours a day.

I am not jealous of her current companion; I pity him, because I know he’ll be the next to bleed.

(update, four years later - she’s still with him)