That's just the way it is

Getzburg writes:

I read a profile on some meatmarket rating site today. You know, hotornot and all their ilk. Beautiful young woman. Seems intelligent, intellectual, funny, all in all a fascinating person. And then I got to the bottom, where I read something along the lines of "Yeah, I know its superficial, but looks absolutely matter, and will make or break a relationship. Sorry guys, that's just the way it is." That's just the way it is? You know, I hope you get hit in the face with a flying anvil wrapped in flaming barbed wire. And then, perhaps, you'll be lying in the hospital, wrapped in enough layers of gauze that your disfigured visage is blessedly concealed from view, and just maybe your cracked, swollen lips will part, just far enough to allow the expulsion of air from your toothless maw, and you'll whisper "That's just the way it is."