Strange Wheel-of-Time dreams, crossed possibly

This is a dreamlog, archived from Everything2.

Strange Wheel-of-Time dreams, crossed possibly with Diana Wynne Jones. Sitting on the side of a cliff (wasn’t dangerous, it’s just where we were) watching this guy show off his fancy weapons. One of them had, hidden under all the dirt, a Sony label. I realized he was from our world – “world 72” – (po box 72?) and begged him to help me get home. “I want to go back to an even-numbered world… technology, health care.” This comes from two different sources – in the DWJ books, there was some difference between even and odd numbered World Series (in the Place Between), and in William Sleator’s “The Boy Who Reversed Himself” only odd-numbered dimensions had technology. There was also something set inside… all the Ajahs and their colors. Something about an ‘orange ajah’. It seemed decorated like a Bath and Body Works store.