seth and i did about ten minutes of filming for Super Atomic Ninja Duck. one guy we interviewed was GREAT – he immediately picked up on the concept, and responded to our question about the eligability of the duck for president with “hey, man, i grew up watching the Turtles, so anything that’s aquatic and knows kung fu is all right by me”. we walked down to the pedestrian bridge at the end of south street. A car with the front-right tire blown out came roaring into a parking lot, sparks flying off the rim, and the driver jumped out, leaving the car in the middle of the lot, and ran for it. Our best guess was a drug-deal-gone-wrong, followed by the blow-out, followed by the o-shit-o-shit. We told a cop on south street, and they went to check it out. When we got back, we played with goo from lightsticks. Wow. It’s oily, and spreads easily on skin, and just keeps glowing. The blue is brightest, but the red is eeriliy flesh-and-blood colored – splatter it on your skin and it looks like you’re on fire inside and little speckles of it are glowing through thin spots in your flesh. Definitely something to be worn in public. I’m surprised more people don’t… on the other hand, I guess I don’t go to the sorts of places where people would be wearing it, and only I’m weird enough to do it in normal company….