It's brutally hot out there

It’s brutally hot out there today - in the high 80s/low 90s. I thought I’d get a little sunshine and human contact (or at least some watching-of-non-trollish-humans), so I drove over to Douglass with my camera. I’m always hopeful/afraid that I’ll see Maggie – I even parked in Gibbons, though that was wholly unconscious and/or motivated by available parking. Wandered across the bridge, commented on a passing girl’s “What Would Callahan/Cthulu Do” buttons, nearly was recognized by a passing Rick, and ran into Rachel and Brian (campaigning for student gov’t), of whom I took some photos. Rachel actually didn’t even recognize me for a few moments; must have been the sunglasses. We need a lot more training here. It seems sometimes that 90% of my job is escalating to tier 2. How useless…. on the other hand, on a day like today I’m just happy that my (well-paying) job involves sitting at a computer in an air conditioned room, and not, say, digging holes in the street out in the sun.