I seriously want an unmarked van

Placain: dude. I seriously want an unmarked van someday. I’m gonna drive it in front of people’s houses and just like park there for a few hours. Then at some point like five huge black guys, dressed all in black, are gonna burst out of the van’s back doors, look around and mutter huthuthuthuthuthut, then jump back in the van, and we drive off at a high rate of speed.

getzburg: That would be awesome.

getzburg: But they’d have to be wearing antennae.Or something equally incongruous.

Placain: Yes! Little fuzzy ones!

getzburg: And they’d need to do something surreal.

Placain: Somersaults. Radially.

getzburg: Like pour ricotta on a mailbox, take a reading with a small black box that beeps, and then nod at each othre.

Placain: Like in a 40s musical. oooh, i like your idea better. Except it would have to really, really obviously be ricotta. And not, say, anthrax.

getzburg: Like if they poured it out of a small plastic tub marked “Ricotta” with a brand name and such.

Placain: yes. :)

  • Placain is grinning and bouncing and clapping his hands together delightedly

getzburg: Lord, that’s an image I didn’t need.