I had this long dream

I had this long dream about Maggie. She was sick, and I was carrying her around from place to place trying to get her help. I was trying to make her drink some water… but people kept on coming up and trying to take her away, saying the only reason she was sick was because I was around. It was a very, very long dream, with many different parts… in another part, Maggie was the main character, and I was watching, movie-style. She had been taken away from me by The Authorities, and was incarcerated in a prison-nunnery that was in Manhattan. With the help of her fellow inmates, she escaped to a neighboring old abandoned schoolhouse in which I had been locked away for many years. She had to go from room to room trying to find clues as to where I was … in each room she asked after me, and there would be one or two dead-eyed people (these people had been locked away as well in these tiny concrete-walled rooms for years or decades) who would drool and laugh eerily and sort of shuffle around and finally point vaguely in some direction … she would run off in the given direction and eventually she found a long corridor filled with huge power supplies. She went from one to the next shutting them off, and as she pulled the handle down on each, the background humming grew quieter, until finally the last one caused all the lights to turn on and all the doors to open. She never found me.