From syntheticzero: I have difficulty

From syntheticzero: I have difficulty remembering arbitrary facts … instead I remember patterns, or procedures for (re)constructing ideas. I did well in school, except when we’d have a test that involved pure memorization; names and dates disconnected from context, for example. I didn’t have too many tests like that, thankfully, but when I did I did very poorly. For me, remembering and learning something new are very similar processes; in both cases I have to figure it out almost from scratch. Some people are good at memory, and others, like me, can’t remember facts out of context. I am also poor with names, etc. But: because of this, I think very, very fast, about almost anything, because I have to reconstruct everything I know, I have to do it fast). Knowledge for me is very fluid… dynamic. Because I’m constantly rederiving everything, when new information comes in I will often derive a new theoretical interpretation of it.