dreams into waking

This is a dreamlog, archived from Everything2.

Extended hypnopompic state this morning; nearly an hour of drifting through waking dreams. Of course, they’re all fading now that my mind has pretty much completed booting. I guess this state is sort of like having your rational mind handed a whole bunch of uninitialized variables and told to make something of them. I was reading a short story aloud to some kids, and then entered the story myself. It started out with a description of a japanese couple who always did everything sychronously, including driving and shifting and eating. The wife goes into a biology lab and becomes (I think) Irene. There are a bunch of very pretty birds being experimented on, who suddenly start to talk, and tell Irene that they love her. She is rather flabbergasted. They jump onto her head and start pecking at her a bit and then nuzzling her ears. Vlad steps out of a closet and brings over some birdseed, and the birds flutter over to him and eat out of his hand. He pulls one feather out of each bird, and places them carefully on his head. Then (of course) my alarm goes off.