Amy rants about roommate's friend

Amy: Craig’s girlfriend is in the kitchen. She has been for a while. I can hear her coughing, making noise, laughing her irritating laugh, calling out to Craig “oh Craig darling” it is driving me nuts. I want to throw her out of my apartment. I don’t want her here. I don’t like it that she is here *always here. More than I am here really. Here when I leave in the morning here when I get back. She walks in with her own key and looks at me disdainfully as I sit in read on the couch in my periodic table t-shirt and bunny speckled pants. She gives me this look that says she is thinking about what a gross little person I am. Some other girl is here now. One of Craig’s girl’s friends no doubt. She is talking in a loud fast voice Ohmygod!ImetthiskidtheotherdayatthisthingandhefoundoutthatIwasntasianandhe. It is 11, why are their friends over at 11. I keep forgetting that she is an undergrad and that 11 is early. Hell 1 was early. But I am *not an undergrad and I think she keeps forgetting that this is not her apartment. Don’t they understand that *I have things to do? That *I have to get up at 8 and teach for 4 hours? Why are they cooking food now? Just so they can wash the dishes at 1 am?