All morning shift, It is

Wrote this a few weeks back as a parody of Mohammed’s emails:

All morning shift, It is kind of on going issue but it should not be happen in this way. In the NOC, everybody should feel responsible for command of language of english. Cause and Word is very related in our Daily Emails. It should be looked, written with problem in our work environment. For each individual should hold responsible for his/her words and not letting prepositions articles the like not happen in the place. In a recent time, morning shift (some individuals) having some problem to write these englishes. It is not acceptable. It would be ok when we are having IRC talking (not in official email). One sentence in trouble ticket “fix problem yes” is no longer good enough. You have to plan ahead to make intelligable wordings. If this keep repeating this kind of behavior (bad in sentences) management will have to take appropriate action (ESL classes) without leaving any choice. Thank you.