forgetting to take meds

Public Service Announcement

If you, or someone you love, depends on a particular medication to maintain a normal day-to-day existence, don’t [let them] forget to take it!

In my case, I require Provigil if I’m to stay awake throughout the day. I haven’t had it in nearly two days, due to a combination of circumstances, among which being the fact that my housemate is suffering from

cranio-rectal inversion.

Setup: Housemate leaves the front stove burner on all day.

Result: Much blackness and vile smoke.

Housemate: Determines that this is my fault, and dumps ashes of his ruined pancakes into my shoes. (Apparently, I should have noticed his error and corrected it, even though I wasn’t home at the time.)

To even futher provoke my housemate, I caused his Windows 2000 machine to cease to power on. This, of course, uses some definition of the verb “to cause” I was heretofore unaware of, as I never touched the infernal beast.

The net effect of all this is that, for its safety, I’ve removed my computer from my room to the safety of kanon42’s dorm room until I’ve moved to a new house.