kitchen floor

Notes to self

  • in the future, when retiling kitchen floor, clean up the excess glue with mineral spirits IMMEDIATELY. If you wait until the glue has cured, you’ll have to scour it down on your hands and knees for four hours.

  • People with herniated discs should not drive the three hours from Binghamton, NY to New Brunswick, NJ without stopping along the way for a rest.

  • Inhaling mineral spirits leads to migraine.

For my own future reference, today the new backup schedule takes effect:

Time        Host     Action
3:00        xmiso    Outback archives Outlook 2000, Favorites
3:10        voxel    mysqldump > threee_database.txt.gz
3:12 weekly voxel    tar > voxelbk.tar.gz
3:35        xmiso    retrieve three_database.txt.gz and voxelbk.tar.gz from voxel via FTP
4-7         xmiso    Compaq Online Backup performed