at Dad's

I’ve spent the last several days at my Dad’s house. I have severe cabin fever – I’m in Binghamton, NY, where there’s even less to do than there is in southern New Jersey. I installed Windows 2000, with less bumps than I expected, and played with a few of my Dad’s toys (specifically, the REX6000 personal organizer – a PDA that’s also a PCMCIA card)…

This is now officially the longest time I’ve been away from kanon42 since we met in September. I won’t see her again until Wednesday. The separation is doing good, I think – I long for her, a feeling I haven’t really felt in some time. It’s easy to take someone totally for granted when you’re around them nearly 247 for three months.

My Dad’s cats are taking their toll on me, though not as badly as usual – I suppose being around Sam and Pepper (Maggie’s cats) has innoculated me somewhat.

About now is when I stop reading Red Meat, in order that I might not wake up the neighborhood with my raucous laughter.

There’s blood on my right pinky, and I don’t know why.