Things not to do in Philly when it's cold
Things not to do in Philadelphia if you want to stay alive:
  • walk six blocks down South Street in December, with a wind chill of -15C …
    • … without a jacket
      • … without a sweater
      • … without having had breakfast
        • … looking for a record store (611) that’s not open yet

I’ve never been so cold (and that’s saying something, coming from someone who once walked from Mount Holyoke College to UMass in a light sweatshirt and sweatpants in a blizzard). I could hardly walk. I could hardly breathe. I actually collapsed onto the pavement at one point.

And I can’t feel sorry for myself – it’s my own damn fault. I own a huge fluffy L.L. Bean coat that’s supposedly guaranteed to keep a person alive for six hours in fucking cold -50C weather – it’s just that I left it in my trunk. I never wear the thing – it’s too big for normal use (it’s so huge, I can’t pass through a standard doorway while wearing it.)

Final Fantasy VIII is not a good spectator game, especially when you’ve already played it. I’m currently watching kanon42 play; as I write, she’s just after the Forest Dream (disc 1, en route to Galbadia Garden). The music is tormenting me… god, will it ever end?

I’m gonna junction my BOOT with her HEAD if I have to watch a GF summons clip one more time.

We’re thinking of taking a road trip, but (1) we don’t know where to go, and (2) we have absolutely no money.

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