cooking oil

I bought a box of frozen fried shrimp at the supermarket sometime in September 1999. After leaving it to languish in the nether regions of my freezer for the better part of three months, I decided I was in the mood for seafood, and dragged it out.

Now, normally, instructions on a freezer-section box read something like this:

  1. cut slit in center of film

  2. place tray in oven

  3. microwave on HIGH for 4 minutes

  4. peel back film and stir

  5. replace and cook for additional 4 minutes

and not like this:

  1. in a large skillet wok, fill it up to 1 inch with cooking oil and bring to the hotness of bubbles

  2. devoutly impression the shrimps half of the length down and in the oil and the batter

  3. continuing to scoop the oil over it

Being rather hungry and unwilling to muck about with the oily hotness of bubbles, I ordered out for chinese instead.