Daniel’s life, Christmas, 1998: monitor network, telco, and hosting operations at Qwest/ICon CMT Corp., alone, in a small windowless Network Operations Center in Weehawken, NJ, from 4pm Christmas Eve to 4am Christmas morning

Daniel’s life, Christmas/1999: monitor network, telco, and shared server operations at Bristol-Myers Squibb Corp., with one recluse cow-orker, in a large windowless Global Activity monitoring Center in Hopewell, NJ, from 6pm Christmas Eve to 4am Christmas morning

Daniel’s life, Christmas/2000: monitor ear, nose, and throat flem and mucous production at kanon42’s home, with many arguing “family-in-law” members.

Well, it was nice to be surrounded by people for a change, even if I’m not a follower of any particular religion. I got a Chocolate Orange (which I’ve been craving) and gift certificates to Tunes (a music store) and to Barnes and Noble.

I’m going to be quite happy to be out of this allergen-plagued land, though…