stop being sick!

kanon’s sick: fever, aches, throat, the works. I remembered yesterday that I had a test today – it’s being given as I type, as I didn’t even want to contemplate taking it. I’ll work something out.

Shopping list:

  • lemon tea

  • miso soup

  • Ricola – the black kind, not the wimpy nasty orange ones

  • a scram switch – big, red, imposing.

  • alternatively, a huge ass knife switch. The kind which, when thrown, makes an appropriate kerCHUNKing sound, accompanied by the subaudible hum of several thousand volts going and doing Work somewhere.

The snow is incredibly beautiful – it doesn’t actually touch the ground (or, rather, it melts without a trace immediately on contact) but instead makes the atmosphere as a whole appear to be shimmering… as if I’m living inside a snowglobe.