seriously pissed off at my housemate

I’m getting seriously pissed off at my housemate Julia, and her boyfriend, Dale. This morning went like pretty much every other – wake up at 6 shivering, find a bathrobe, trek downstairs to the thermostat (which see, for explanation), change it from 50°F to 70°F, and crawl back into bed and attempt to make the most of body heat.

Today their inconsiderate behavior was even worse. I was intending on meeting with my academic advisor at 9; this would mean me taking a shower and leaving the house by 8:30 or so. At 6:45, I woke up again, and went to shower. No luck – someone’s using it. Well, ok. I wait. I read a book. I check again. Still in use.

Julia and her boyfriend were still in the shower, together, at 8:15, a full hour and a half after I first checked.

I’m as much a fan of showering with a loved one as anyone, but 1 12 hours? In the morning? Do they not realize that other people might wish to use the house’s only toilet?

When they did finally finish, of course, there was no hot water left, which is why I smell like thefez.