Nazi dreams

This is a dreamlog, archived from Everything2.

It’s 1999, and I’m in pre-WWII Nazi Germany. I’m trying to escape with kanon42 to England.

Scene 1: We’re on a train from Detroit (in East Germany) to Paris (in West Germany). There are blue christmas bulbs strung along the length of the car, casting a calming, cool light on me. A klaxon sounds, and we’re passing into some dangerous area controlled by the Nazis. A voice over the PA system, which I presume belongs to the engineer, announces that “we’ll be switching over to red lighting now, for dramatic effect”.

Scene 2: Still on the train. Soldiers on bicycles are attempting to stop the train, but the engineer is ready for them – the train is equipped with flamethrowers, which he activates, turning one Nazi after another into a screaming crispy critter. After some time, though, this begins to lose its entertainment value, and with a snarl, he tosses the weapon over the side, where it explodes.

Scene 3: Now we’re at a hotel of some kind, or a country club. We’re attempting to cross a wide field on which well-dressed people are playing tennis and croquet. I keep grilling kanon on our cover story, but she’s not getting it – “Where are you going, Ma’am?” I ask… “Penn Station, New York”, she responds. Let’s go over this once more. We’re going to market to get flowers. We’re stopped by a soldier, but I think quickly and say we’re on our way to the baseball game that’s starting at the other end of the field.

Scene 4: In the city. Winding through streets crowded with burly men carrying even burlier zucchinis and other vegetables. A cold wind blows across me, and I wake up.