I hate Windows 2000.

No, actually, that’s not true. I love Windows 2000; for the past 18 months, it’s been nothing but wonderful. No crashes, very rarely a reboot – I’ve had uptimes as long as a month (before having to reboot to, say, let someone borrow my hard drive).

But today I hate it.

I bought a DVD drive; I installed the software; I rebooted; I ran the software…


The Blue Screen of Death. The first one I’d ever seen, mind you. But then the Troubles began. I couldn’t boot to uninstall the offending software. Even when I attempted to boot to the command line recovery console, it BSOD’d on me. And here’s where a more unix-like philosophy would have been appreciated – with everything shoved in \WINNT and/or the Registry, how am I to know what the offending software is? I’d like to mount the drive on another box, remove the badness, and be merrily on my way… but no.

Flash. Perhaps here’s an idea – install a new copy of W2K in \WINSUCKS. Take a directory listing. Install the bad software. Do it again. diff.

We’ll see how it goes.