blissful dreams

This is a dreamlog, archived from Everything2.

Leaving out the hours of dreams where I had to pee,

I had blissful, blissful dreams about a time not far in the future where Beth, kanon42, and I were all working at Stargazer Ranch School (which see). It was, oddly enough, located in the subbasement of my old Junior High School, and the main occupation of teachers and students alike seemed to be the forceful removal of burnt popcorn from the floor.

After a time, we all went outside, because a gaggle of Girl Scouts had entered, resplendent in green uniformed glory, to take over the popcorn job. Attending to assorted pastoral duties like grooming farm animals and playing with small children, we watched the sun rise – though it was rising horizontally, from one end of the sky to the other.

This dream had a profound emotional effect on me; it’s made me realize how much I truly want to participate in Stargazer Ranch School. Build it, make it work, make it happen. I got myself out of one horrid rut – working for the Man (Bristol-Myers Squibb, doing unix sysadmin busywork) – and I am, truth be told, quite happy being at Rutgers – but I have to keep perspective, and understand that there’s nothing on earth that has the power to hold me back, ever, from doing what I want to do. If I want to go out to Colorado and work on Stargazer, I will.