weird macaroni

This is a dreamlog, archived from Everything2.

warning: weirdness ahead

The scene: A rally at Rutgers University. Thousands of people milling about, chanting something about elbows. I move closer, and it seems the chant goes something like this:

elbows for Allah!  

the spanner has found the hundredth name of Allah

now we have Crayola

to make the ravioli

… but “Crayola” and “Ravioli” were pronounced to rhyme with “Allah” … something like cray-ah-lah and rav-i-ah-lah.

Everyone’s holding a incandescent pumpkin with the top removed; the tops are all spinning at incredible speed above the heads of the crowd in synchrony. This is not perceived as abnormal.

I run.

next scene:

A holiday dinner at my mom’s. Like all holiday dinners at my mom’s, this consists of me, my mom, and my cat Paisley. Paisley tells me I need to refill the water tank (in order to use the Digital 8 video camera). I was hungry. I disobey. She got mad.

…and then we’re woken up to the daily tune of Final Fantasy 8 …