vivid weird dreams

This is a dreamlog, archived from Everything2.


Vivid, vivid dreams.

kanon42 and I, waking from the first full, un-alarm-interrupted night’s sleep we’ve had in many days, both recalled vivid, lucid, incredibly complex and intricate dreams. We’re not sure what caused them – perhaps simply that we’re finally catching up on much-needed REM-time, perhaps the multivitamins we took before bed… or perhaps the mushrooms on the pizza last night weren’t quite kosher. In any event, wow.

I was crawling through the home of a psychiatrist I used to see, in Northampton, MA. Every room had chandeliers so low as to nearly touch the floor, and I was following Dr. P. around, attempting to crawl/limbo/duck underneath them. Dr. P. didn’t have any trouble – he could just walk around normally.

In another dream, I was at a candle factory, again crawling around, this time on a catwalk above a vat of hot wax. I was in no particular fear of falling – instead, this was a pleasurable thing – I was inhaling the smell of the wax, a sweet, pumpkin-pie scent. Every few minutes, a chinese gong would sound, and the vat would spin, causing the wax to splash over the sides. This was my cue to pour new wax in from a M&M bag I was holding.

I’m driving around New York City – from the back seat. (For some reason, I have a lot of dreams where I’m attempting to drive from the driver-side back seat, which is somewhat odd, considering as a child I always rode in the passenger front seat, and never the back.) The West Side Highway was mobbed, but I was driving over most of the cars, and swerving in and out of various on- and off-ramps that continually appeared and disappeared. At some point, the car disappeared. I knew that I had to get rid of a camera battery I was holding before I could get the car back, and so I found kanon42 and gave it to her. The car reappears, but now it’s a motorcycle with a bedsheet on it. I tear the sheet off, and it’s the car again.

What a night!