noding dream

This is a dreamlog, archived from Everything2.

Don’t you just hate it when you’ve typed an incredibly well-written and detailed Dream Log into E2, only to find several hours later that doing so was part of your dream? That’s what happened to me, today.

As best I can recall, I had three different dreams, counting the one where I thought I was describing the previous two.

  1. I’m a pumpkin seller on a street corner in San Francisco (where I was, in waking life, stranded for a week this past July with an ear infection while ostensibly en route to Manila). Catlike couples come up to me, buying pumpkins, and each asks if I have any of the special ones. I confide in each of them that I do, but it’s a “little extra”… they gladly pay, and I give them a pumpkin without any seeds. Instead, the pumpkins have ibuprofen in them.

  2. I’m helping a troop of Girl Scouts debug some problems with BGP. The neighbor keeps toggling between idle and active, see. I figure either the AS number is wrong, or the update-source command is missing. It turns out, instead, that the Cisco is configured to act as a scented candle. I explain this, and they thank me.