mortal danger

I’m not in mortal danger. I don’t carry a concealed weapon. I’ve driven 140390 miles (225887 kilometers) since I got my car (June 12, 1998), and in that time have gotten one speeding ticket and my only accident involved a shopping cart. I was in Park at the time… Today is Friday the 13th. That means nothing to me, really. It’s not all that uncommon. All in all, I’m in pretty good shape.

Things to do today:

  • laundry – it’s becoming impossible to walk across our room. Something must be done.

  • deposit check from mom, and pay the rent

  • fix the botch of a wiring job my housemate Rick made of the downstairs network

  • possibly purchase a fast ethernet hub

  • log the 10 hours of videotape I haven’t logged yet, in preparation for doing interesting things with it in EditDV

  • have a Serious Discussion with housemates about how a thermostat works, and why when you’re hot the proper response is to adjust the thermostat to your desired temperature and not to simply ram it down to 50F/10C.

  • kill whoever gave me this horrid cold

  • get some vitamin C

Ah, a full day of fun.