layers of wakefulness

This is a dreamlog, archived from Everything2.

Layers and layers and more layers of wakefulness. I recall at least a dozen times wherein I thought I’d woken, showered, dressed, and moved about the house; each time thinking “wow, I sure had a lot of layers of delusional wakings!”

As far as I know, I’m awake now.

I don’t quite recall any of the dreams themselves, only the general form. I found myself feeling paralyzed – I would feel myself moving, but my body wouldn’t obey. Hyponogogic trance paralysis.

I actually woke around 7 – or, rather, was woken, by a cheery kanon42 who couldn’t sleep and didn’t see any reason why I should. After some convincing, though, I managed to get her to turn off the light again, and we slept peacefully until 2.