haiku dream disney

This is a dreamlog, archived from Everything2.

She shakes me awake. No classes on Friday, not for me, but she’s got an 8:10. Expository writing, or “expos” as it’s called. The dream slips away; I try to get a few words down in notepad before my brain finishes booting up (and, in the process, overwriting the random noise of the dream with more structured data.

brick wall falling down

Proventil tube

retainer came out

It wasn’t intended to be haiku. It’s not, I realize, but it’ll do for a 3rd-grade teacher who expects no more than syllabic conformity.

I’m running away from some Disneyesque scene, accosting random strangers on line for rides and asking them where the rainbows are; they keep telling me that they’ve all been used up. I donned a Mickey Mouse outfit and was swimming across the EPCOT lagoon. I heard a loud rumbling, and screamed as a brick wall fell on me.

The lawn at my house. I’m watching myself walk in circles, using a Proventil inhaler. This goes on for what seems like hours, until suddenly I (observed) stop short. I (observer) smile, and take my retainer out. (This is quite odd. I’ve never worn a retainer, as far as I know.)

… and then I woke up