e2 dreams

This is a dreamlog, archived from Everything2.

I must lay off Everything2 for a while. When you have Everything dreams several days in a row, you know you’ve been noding too long. I’m sitting at miso, noding away, when the lights go out and the UPS starts shrieking.


People start filling the room – thefez, juliet, yossarian, jet-poop… and as they do, they drop off the Other users list. Everyone seems a tad confused. Apparently, the power failure kicked them out of E2, and into reality – and thus into my room.

juliet is wearing a short, tight skirt, which she is fidgeting with. She sits on the corner of my bed and pulls a Sanrio-branded cell phone from her purse and begins jabbering in Greek – at least, I think, in the dream, that it’s Greek. She’s actually saying Do Co Mo over and over.

My housemate Rick enters, and everyone freezes in place, then disappears.