cognition lab

Today, once again, will involve waking up too early. I have this ridiculous lab – Cognition Lab – which involves sitting around with a bunch of freshmen while we go over, for the nth time, precisely what the word correlation means, and what “depth of processing” is.

Never mind that I (and several others in the class) have been writing research papers for years now – we apparently need to be taught what an ANOVA is. At least the class – which is scheduled for a mind-boggling three hours – generally lets out after about 30 minutes.

I sold my Fatar Studio 90 MIDI keyboard controller and my Korg MicroPiano for about US$500. I should have held out for more, but, ah well, the joys of eBay. I admit I didn’t really sell it all that well.

I thought I had strep throat. Apparently I had a minor virus; the pain in my throat is from the mother of all canker sores. This baby’s about 15mm in diameter, and hurts like hell.

My weird exgirlfriend and my girlfriend met today and got along very well. They cooperated in making fun of me. My ex gave tips on how to .. er… keep me in line. This mostly consists of hitting me on the nose and shouting BAD!, apparently. This should worry me.

One of my housemates made a big stink about how he wanted me to clean up my stuff which was (he claimed) strewn all over the house. I picked up the few items which could conceivably be attributed to me. It’s now rather obvious that the majority of the mess is due to him. I observe with humorous detachment as he makes no effort to clean up his stuff.

Secondhand Zoloft withdrawal’s a bitch.