It's those subversive types that got us here in the first place.
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Only Amy...

[amy] uhm do you know of any acceptable source that would tell me how to turn freebase cocaine into cocaine HCL…..I know how to do it. I just want a scientific document to back me up





vinyl rules!

DVDs, being digital, can never reproduce the fine nuances of a VHS tape



After two days of brutal heat and humidity, my body gave up and collapsed from sunstroke. My paragliding training has been postponed to autumn.


Cory's Pride

steampunk instructions:

  1. take something contemporary

  2. make it out of steam engines and brass and shit

  3. post on boingboing

  4. masturbate furiously


Sculpey fractals



With a name like that, what did you expect?

Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s full name was Franz Ferdinand Karl Giuermo Aniko Strezpek Belschwitz Moric Pinche Balint Szilveszter Gompi Maurice Bzoch Janos Frajkor Ludwig van Haverbeke Josef von Habsburg-Lothringen.


The Fuschia Fury



no words

This woman goes up to Lyn’s food cart (salad/sandwich place) with a styrofoam container and starts insisting that they “take back this crappy food”… the thing is it was chinese food.

the woman keeps insisting “you’re chinese, you can take it back”.

lyn: but we don’t sell chinese food. this isn’t from here.

woman: but you’re CHINESE

lyn: … this isn’t a chinese food cart. you didn’t get that here.

woman: but you’re chinese. just take it back!

After a few go-rounds of this the woman opens the container and drops all the food on the ground and then walks away.


We get confused about fun.

[dmd] what should we do today?

[sarah] we could read about game theory

[dmd] or … we could play a game

[sarah] that might be better.


important things

I make it faster. Response: good!

I make it MUCH faster. Response: good!

I add a GUI progress bar. Response: OMGWTFBBQ THIS IS AWESOME!



[sarah] I think this is just a classic case of tenure leading more or less directly to bamboo gifs.


SVN measurements

X axis is revision number - Y axis is time elapsed, in days, since last revision.


X axis is date - Y axis is revision number.



The Answer for Hiccups

I just hiccuped exactly 42 times.


My New Hero

Xerxes’ first attempt to bridge the Hellespont ended in failure when a storm destroyed the flax and papyrus bridge; Xerxes ordered the Hellespont (the strait itself) whipped three hundred times and had fetters thrown into the water. Xerxes’ second attempt to bridge the Hellespont was successful.






Sarah taught me something really great about dragonflies. In their mating ritual, the male brings the female a ‘nuptual gift’, which is generally a bug or something else good to eat. The female picks the male with the best gift. Well it turns out that some males cheat: some males PRETEND TO BE FEMALES, to get other males to mate with them they pretend to copulate with another male and steal their gift and then find a (hopefully) female to give it to. Of course now i’m imagining a whole circle-of-fuck where the male steals the gift, but then is fooled by ANOTHER male, and so on and so forth a giant dragonfly secret santa circle jerk.


i needz caption



Sarah On Sloths

Sarah writes: I am truly, deeply horrified of tree sloths. Seriously. In the dark one night I woke up suddenly to see a crouching lumpy thing on top of my dresser and was convinced beyond all rationalization that it was a sloth, come to get me. (It was a sweater.) Now, the more I think about them, the more they scare me. They have those flat black button eyes that never focus, they just stare. Have you ever looked at their claws? They are six inches long, and could julienne your liver with zero effort. But the creeping slowness, the inexorable, malevolent lethargy is what terrifies me. I have nightmares where a sloth is chasing me, but there is no motion. I run and run until I’m cramping and sick and when I turn back, there are more of them, in the trees, just there. Just staring. I turn to run again and there are more all above me. They never blink. They don’t look angry, or even interested. It’s a passionless evil, the crouching slouching creeping sleepy sickly evil of an oil spill, or a cancer. Sometimes I fear that one will wrap its too-long arms around me, and I will be paralyzed. The hug will go on forever, crushing the breath and the life out of me, but so, so slowly. Civilizations rise and fall and I am trapped interminably, unable to breathe, unable to lose consciousness, while the sloth looks blankly at a banana six feet away.